Monday, May 7, 2007

Hello there....almost done

This is my first official post and I'm thrilled to have a blog. It took enough time for me to get one. Anyways I'm Kate, a design student at VCU, small town family girl from Pa, and someone who is always finding something new to try or do. I have started this blog for my family. My sister has one and updates us on her life in Kansas and i figured it would be a great way to let them all know what is going on here in beautiful Richmond Va.
Right now we are in the heart of finals. Everyone walks around here a lil more tired and grunged out then usually and its ok. We all know we are surviving on lil to no sleep and are about to have a panic attack...which is encouraging to know we are all going through it together. Unfortunately during this crucial time I happen to get sick and going to the doctors this morning its official...i have strep. Blah! perfect timing...along with the fact that my car was towed (Richmond cleans the streets without any warning). Its been a fabulous week ha! anyways I am almost done my 2nd year...Thursdays the big day!!! hooray! can't wait!
can't wait to be home for the summer....can't wait for the new arrival to the family...just excited for what God is bringing our way!
Have a great